I just got interested in beekeeping after meeting a beekeeper that wanted to use my land for his hives. I received quite a bit of one on one lessons and got my feet wet exploring the bee yard and hives. I decided this would be something I would like and it is also a good use of my land. I think I may have started too late because I went out and bought all my beekeeping equipment and I'm ready to start a colony, but I have no Bees !! ha ha ha

If this year flops for me at least I'll be ready next season.

So, now that I am ready to begin beekeeping I start searching for packaged bees and a queen. I find out I'm too late this season and all the packaged bees have been sold. Now I'm seeing lots of Queens being sold. I don't think I can start a colony with just a Queen can I ? As I search further for bees I notice that there are Summer Nucs being sold. Maybe this is the route I should go ? I'm not really sure what to do at this stage. I guess the best I can do while I'm looking for bees is to try and catch a swarm. Any thoughts on how I can populate my new hives and begin some colonies ? Is it too late in the season now ? Are Summer Nucs a good way to start or should I just hang loose until next season ?