been tough this year on my hives for swarming, the city only allows me two hives so I'm a bit limited on multiple hives

I had one golden mean top bar hive (read: too small) and it swarmed in April, I figured I would let them raise a queen since I saw queen cells on inspection

In the meantime, I built a larger hive and ordered a package (also in April)...I hadn't done a thorough inspection of the new hive but they were building nicely (looking through window) and then got out of line on about bar 5+.

I had a day planned to get in and do some "fixing" and they swarmed, go figure. Upon inspection of that new hive, they have about 6-8 bars built and some are full of open brood, no capped brood...I'm wondering if the queen wasn't very good. I will be ordering a replacement queen for that hive and hopefully they can get back on the right track. Upon inspecting the old hive this week, I found two queen cells that were empty but no sign of a queen. One bar had some capped brood but no open brood at all. How long do you guys usually wait before expecting to see open brood if you let a hive raise their own queen?

I'm thinking I will probably need to re-queen both.