My TBH lives next to my house on the side with a big picture window. This was fine until the window went bad. We are getting it replaced but don't want the window guys to get stung or us to harm the bees by doing something stupid.
What can be done to close them inside (screen over entrance?) Or perhaps hang up a bed sheet between window and bees so they don't pay attention?
I don't know what time of day or how long the window will take and its supposed to be on the upper 80s low 90s.... I don't want to cook the girls by restricting venting....
The hive is almost parallel with the window. End entrances on one side and plugged entrance on other side.

EDIT: It also has a screened bottom, in that it has a Screen Floor with a Plywood Bottom Board that is removable. (Its on with 6 or 8 wing nuts, not a slide out tray)