I've been running a couple top bars for 2 seasons now, and have 2 more to add. Love em, because I can walk visitors back there and pop the tops every time and never use any equipment, and customers can see bees as nature intended. I also think they're great because as a honey producer, I use my top bars for my cut comb honey, and my Langstroths for extracted honey. Best of everthing.

However, I want to start allowing my bees to regress in some langstroth hives. So, I want to take a regular langstroth frame, pull out the wax, and add a triangle at the top and let them draw out the comb to whatever size they want. I'll still use mediums with plastic foundation for my honey supers, but in the brood area, I want that to be natural. Any thoughts here? I use queen excluders.

The 2nd question is strictly Top bar. My top bar hives have 3 holes down the side. If I use strict follower boards that are very tight to corner and sides, can I raise a queen in each section? They'd be side by side. I want to set this up as a test for creating nucs. Lots of people want top bar nucs, and other than build little ones, I thought it would be easier if I ran them all within the same hive. If I didn't sell the nuc, I just pull teh follower and let the queens hash it out.