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    Default Are my bees using thier bodies to reduce the entrance?

    I am a new beekeepar and have a top bar hive with an entrance close to the roof, and a few times now I have noticed them clustering in a bubble of bees out the entrance hole. The temperature was fairly chilly the first time I noticed it, in the mid to upper 50s (F) but today it was 75 degrees out. It had rained a bit this afternoon, and the hole is right near the brood nest so I wondered if they are trying to reduce the entrance and therefore keep their brood warm and dry by using themselves or if they are thinking of swarming on me. I snapped a couple of pictures tonight so you could see what I am probably failing to explain well in words. It was around 8:30pm and a few foragers were still coming in and out of the cluster.


    I also have another, larger hive (this one is my temporary hive I made out of what I had on hand) that I still need to put an entrance in. I haven't been able to decide to put it up high like this one (I do like how the roof gives it some protection from rain), or one at the bottom like the KTBH I bought that I used to make this smaller version of. I have it all made except the entrance holes and the observation window. Any recommendations? I can't just let them out the top bars for fear they will build comb on the roof, but when they bubble at the entrance like you see above it makes me think this entrance is in a bad spot.

    Thanks! Colleen
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