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    Default Bee colors with age?

    New beekeeper hear, I was watching my hives and seen bees from almost all gold color to almost black but most seem to have the 5 bands on them. I know the queens I got with my nucs a few weeks ago were almost all gold color.

    My questions is do bees change color as the age or is it the differnt types of drones that the queen mated with that cause the differance in colors?

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    Default Re: Bee colors with age?

    A colony of bees are sisters and half sisters. there may be a dozen or more fathers involved.
    Also I have seen it mentioned that as bees age they loose the gold colored hairs on their body and the black shows through more and they appear more black. I have noticed that bees doing certain jobs have a different look than others. It makes me wonder if there are not more variations of the worker bee and that some have jobs others do not. For example guard bees may tend to be blacker slimmer and longer than other workers.
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    Default Re: Bee colors with age?

    One mother many fathers makes the different color bees in the same hive.


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