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    Default Seems like it should be an easy cutout.

    Lastnight, I went to check on a camp some people have that have honeybees in a shed. The shed is stucco on the outside and drywall on the inside. The bees are entering in a hole about 8' up. The shed is older, and I guess the people really want to tear it down. Some of the drywall had holes, and you could see the bees in it. Seems like it should be simple enough to just tear down the drywall and "harvest" the bees.

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    Default Re: Seems like it should be an easy cutout.

    Drywall with holes pre installed. I am not sure it gets much easier than that unless you can figure out how to just get the bees to follow you home to a new hive. No concern for damaged caused or need to repair it. Heck you even get to work indoors. Be careful with this one, you might get soft.
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