We did real good getting a gold for our dried elderberry mead. We grew and dried the elderberries from our own Wineyard and got the tulip poplar from a local beekeeper who keeps hives in our yard, Our local woodlot is full of locust and poplar tress.

35 ounces dried elderberries simmered in water 20 minutes, added 1 gallon of tulip poplar honey after berries cooled.
We added fermaid, rapidase and kwik bentonite to help clear.
93 grams of acid blend was needed and we also like to add oak, 55gm toasted oakmore in the primary.
SG went from 1.100 to1.01, was fed a little more honey and raised to 1.024, down to 1.010 and back up to 1.030 for finisishing.
Started Jan 11, 2011 and judged in April 2012, not bad aging for an elderberry!!

The rich taste of these berries comes through to the finish with the sweetness and body of the tulip polar honey, it made a good match with the elderberries.