I installed a large swarm in my TBH 2 weeks ago. I have a few questions:
1. The bees have built 5 nice looking combs. One section was cross comb and when I separated two bars it fell to the bottom of the hive. It is full of uncapped unripe honey. Should I just leave it there and let the bees suck it dry or should I pull it from the hive? It is about 5" in diameter.
2. I cut a section of a queen excluder and placed it over te entrance. However, my concern is that I may have a virgin queen as I did not see any eggs or larvae. How long should I keep the excluder in place? I don't want the bees to abscond, but if the queen needs to mate, she needs to take a mating flight.
3. Is there away to take comb from my TBH to a Lang hive? A caged frame of some sort to place drawn comb in?

Thank you.