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    Default Adding a new foundationless box. Top or bottom?

    I installed a regressed package in a 10 frame deep (no foundation) 2.5 weeks ago. Comb is nice and straight and I'm seeing all the right things in the cells. Over the weekend 6 frames were 75% drawn. A couple frames were about 30% and the last two had about a softball size comb drawn. I'm still feeding as we are getting at least 3 days rain each week.

    Too soon to add another brood box?
    A number of people have mentioned adding the new box on the bottom, rather than top. Thoughts?
    How soon is too soon to increase the entrance size?

    Thanks for all the help so far.


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    Default Re: Adding a new foundationless box. Top or bottom?

    I would let them draw out a little more comb and get a little crowded before adding the second box. Maybe when you have 8 frames fully drawn.

    Move a frame or two from the first box up, and insert foundationless frames in the slots where you pulled the frames from box 1. Maybe put them into positions 2 and 8. The two you move up to the new box will give the bees a ladder to start drawing out the new frames.

    New foundationless between brood comb rarely gets messed up in my limited experience.

    Having my first harvest this weeked. Two colonies - both seven 8 frame mediums tall. Started with only one frame with foundation each as packages last spring. 3 supers cured ready to go this week, soon there will be 3 more.


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