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    Default Hubam clover update

    I'm experimenting with some hubam clover this year. Most of it I just spread over the ground in late February hoping the freezing and thawing of the ground would draw it in and allow it to get started. Unfortunately there was hardly any freezing weather this winter and the stand was very spotty. However, there were some areas that had been roughed up with a bulldozer, and in those spots the stand is good. If I do this again I'll make sure to work the ground first. For a while I was concerned that it wasn't growing fast enough, but in the last month it has grown quite a bit, though I still hope it grows another foot or two. We have had a drought in May which may have stunted it a little. But we finally got some rain so maybe it will take off. Today I checked it and it is just starting to bloom. So it only took around three months to for this plant to start producing. If it continues to bloom and grow thoughout the summer this will definitely be something worth planting every year, especially since white dutch clover isn't always dependable in this area.

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    Default Re: Hubam clover update


    You shouldn't have to reseed the hubam in areas where it flowered, it should reseed itself. Another plus for sweet clover!

    If you mix it in with biennial sweet clover you should have an even longer blooming period.



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