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    Default Observation hive questions

    Okay, here's the deal. I am on the very cusp of getting my wife to allow me to have an observation hive in our house. This has been several months of back and forth banter to get to this point and she's oh so close to saying yes. She has some serious concerns about the safety of our three Yorkie's that we let run around in the backyard. I've tried to convince her that the bees (once they leave the hive) have absolutely no concern over the dogs and are quite content to be visiting flowers for nectar and pollen. The entrance will either be drilled straight through a wall on the second floor to the outside or through a second story window so the dogs will have absolutely no access to the entrance of the hive. If anyone could chime in with their personal/professional opinions on this and perhaps even share some stories to assuage her fears I would greatly appreciate it.

    This is the type of hive I intend to build:

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Observation hive questions

    I wish I had one but 2 of my friends have them they just secured it to the outside useing useing a aluminum bracket from farm bureau. The one in a window are good to you can control air flow by useing the window for winter. If you have allergy problems go with the window version for both your sakes. good luck


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