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    Quote Originally Posted by brushwoodnursery View Post
    May I have some specific advice, please? Beemandan, you're in my area. Katharina, you use 8 frame. I'm on 8 frame deeps with one huge colony, one solid and one just getting into the second deep (it was a small swarm, I'm feeding it). All are screened top and bottom. Do I button up top and bottom to treat? Gets pretty hot here and the hives are in full sun all day (going to fix that later this year so they get some midday shade in summer). Katharina, do you use a full treatment (as suggested for 10 frame)?
    Yes, full treatment like a 10 frame. 2 strips per brood box even in a 8 frame box.
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    Default Re: My Hopguard experience

    If you have no capped brood you probably will get a good kill with your first treatment, but if you have active brooding or cells that will be capped soon, you will probably need to go the three weeks. Any bees that get slimed by the product will die, and I mean ones that get fully coated when the strips go in. I would make sure the queen is nowhere around, I pulled the frame with the queen on it last time just to make sure as I happened to find her before treating. Is it pure contact, or does the bees chewing the strips kill mites feeding on them as well?


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