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I'm thinking you're happy you treated? Seems like large mite falls, hopefully you can really put the hurt on them when all the treatments are done or even erradicate them for a short time.
I am definitely happy I chose to treat. I had no idea there were even close to that many mites in the hive. I do plan on doing some things different in the future to keep the mites at bay. I just put a new deep on hive 2 and am trying out foundationless frames. I'm also getting ready to start a nuc from hive 1 with foundationless frames. I do plan on re-queening with a more mite resistant strain and checking the mite drop more often. I am going into my second year keeping bees and I didn't realize the importance of actually putting a sticky board under the hive to check simply because I wasn't seeing mites and I have really good eyesight.

I'm still learning as I go but I want to keep expanding hives and making more healthier bees that can take care of themselves.