I thought it would be a good idea to document an experience with Hopguard for other people's future reference. I currently have a pretty bad mite and DWV problem in my 2 hives, details are here http://www.beesource.com/forums/show...med-Wing-Virus

I don't want to spark another treat vs. no treat debate, I just want to share the experience with others so they can choose their path if and when their time comes and I know that Hopguard is still fairly new to the fight against mites.

So here are my hives.

I received my Hopguard in the mail today from Mann Lake. From researching my plan is to put 2 strips per 10 frame deep once a week for 3 weeks. The Hopguard is a liquid with cardboard strips used to soak up the liquid and hang over the frames. From my 15 years of homebrewing I can tell you that it definitely smells just like Hops. I wasn't brave enough to taste it.

So I installed 2 strips in Hive 2 and 4 strips in Hive 1. Hive 1 was my first hive that I started from a package last year. I split the hive this year on April 4th into hive 2 letting them raise their own queen (and trying to break the mite cycle). I also made sticky boards and placed them under each hive which have screened bottom boards. Installing them was simple and the bees did not seem to mind them at all or run away from them.

Just out of curiosity I pulled the sticky board from beneath hive 2, 2.5 hours after I put in the strips and I didn't count, but there were easily 100 mites on the sticky board. Hive #1's sticky board is stapled underneath, so I didn't pull it. I checked the front of the hives before the sun went down and all appeared normal.

I'll keep you up to date as I go.