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    Default Will bees better their forage areas?

    I don't know a ton about plants. I know that bees pollinate flowers so that they can make seeds. So it only seems logical to me that after a few years of keeping bees in an area, the forage will be better as the bees have helped the plants they frequent to multiply.

    Now I live on a gravel road at the en of a cul de sac. There is a lot of woods, lakes (yes plural), and ditches in my bees forage area. So will my bees help the spread plants that they will benefit from thus improving their forage over time?

    It may be a silly question, but it sounds logical to me.

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    Default Re: Will bees better their forage areas?

    Logic would say so.

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    Default Re: Will bees better their forage areas?

    After about 4 years and 15 hives of bees my pastures are totally TRANSFORMED into amazing fields of white clover! The flavor of my honey has also changed to a clover flavor. I liked the original flavor better, which is collected earlier, so I may have to do two extractions now to get the original flavor.


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