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    Default What???!!! New queen is super fast

    Hello all,
    I have a hive here that became queenless somehow, probably I accidentally rolled her. I had checked on the hive, didn't see her (I normally have a good eye for queens), and there was no queen cells. Four or five days later I noticed that the hive was super agitated, so I took a peek inside. There were 19 capped supercedure cells (not swarm cells). So I thought I'd wait for nature to take it's course. However, only 8 days later (today), I opened the hive out of curiosity, and immediately notice a golly-whopping good looking big queen. She was enormous, with a long abdomen, and almost all available cells had eggs laid in them. Excellent pattern, no double-eggs laid. I'm sorta shocked as this is the fastest I've ever seen a queen has get going. Has anyone else had something similar happen? So anyway, I marked her and put her back in the hive. Amazing!

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    Default Re: What???!!! New queen is super fast

    While not the same I see a great difference in each of my hives. One swarm built comb within the first two days. After a complete inspection the next week the queen had a great pattern of brood in different stages. I am working on taking some brood to make queens from this swarm. I have found hives queenless and was lucky to get them to make queens. Now that I have more hives I have more choices to sort from.


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