Hi, All! How is everyone's flowers growing now? Thought to share some nice pics from today in a sunny mid 50s. Trying to start the hive as early as possible now that I got a new laying queen bee. Perfect laying pattern so far on a hive check today with various stages of larvae development and some new eggs on another frame not hatch yet. This is a young prolific Italian gentle queen bee I put in 10 days ago. So with a new queen laying now the hive is very busy outside collecting nectar and pollens for the young larvae. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53sQj8h2m3w
Here are some pics to show what they are doing today. I planted some canola as an early flowering source for the bees since there isn't much out there right now before the Spring time here. They are just started blooming this week and going to be 2 more month before another new batch from the field that will be bigger and better to replace them. You can see the bee collecting pollen and nectar from the potted canola flying from one pot to the next. Then bringing the pollens home at the hive entrance. It is not easy to capture precisely when they're flying inside in such a hurry. Lining up in the pots are borage, sunflowers, russian sage, and about to bloom yellow daisy in a week or two. Keep that organic compost tea coming.... Can you see the pollen sack on the bee leg from the side? Who can share some pics with us to enjoy as well in this cold gloomy winter time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tyt3L...ature=youtu.be