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    Default Treating a TBH for mites

    Chanced upon this. I was a little surprised because I thought the idea with TBH's is you don't use harsh chemicals.

    Any opinions?

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    Default Re: Treating a TBH for mites

    It's still just a hive type. You can treat with whatever you'd like, but the harshest chemical that I have put in my hives has been hop guard.

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    Default Re: Treating a TBH for mites

    I think TBHs have now become established enough that people are seeing their usefulness for reasons other than just being more "natural." Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to have chased away the fish-oil peddlers trying to convince ppl that TBH is the ONLY "natural" way to keep bees, lol
    Moral of the story is: as more people start using top bar hives, inevitably they're going to manage them in more different ways...personally, the only treatment I hope to have to use against mites is selecting for genetic lines that are less susceptible to them


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