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    Default How to introduce a new queen to my hive?

    I will soon be receiving a hive from somebody who picks up local swarms for a living. These are potentially feral bees, and even potentially slightly Africanized. Fortunately, I've been told that ordering a more peaceful, mated queen possibly from Hawaii or California would lessen their (potential) aggression and make the new eggs become the new generation. However, there should already be a Queen bee that came from the swarm occupying the hive. So, if I were to introduce the new Queen that is "foreign," will the native bees attack the Queen I ordered??

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    Default Re: How to introduce a new queen to my hive?

    Sometimes "caught" bees are incredible bees!.
    I wouldn't requeen without taking some time to see what I had.

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    Default Re: How to introduce a new queen to my hive?

    Sounds like you need to do some reading in the archives. Queen introduction is pretty basic stuff.

    Some methods:
    Queen delivered in cage with queen candy. Remove old queen, place cage, allow bees to eat through candy, remove cage when queen is released.
    Queen delivered in cage without candy. Remove old, place cage, release after 5 days or so.
    Requeen with nuc, remove old queen, combine hives in new hive or separate with newspaper.

    Do some searches to find greater detail about these methods or find them in any beekeeping book.

    However, given your situation, I would not requeen at all, not at least until you know the characteristics of the queen you have. Arbitrary requeening is one of my big no-nos. Check out my website for all sorts of good info for hobbyists.


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