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There's no way that anyone can say a hive is healthy just by looking.

You treat according to a calendar not because it's a sure thing.

Better yet, just chuck the whole requirement and allow for the free movement of bees.
To the best of our ability, yes we can. Otherwise, no one would be able to sell bees to anyone else unless they were medicated and treated under supervision of some sort of inspector. Totally rediculous, expensive and unnecassary.

There is no way anyone can say a hive is healthy? Then there must also be no way to say you or I are healthy. Maybe we are, maybe we aren't. But we appear so, for the most part. Yet we carry pathogens.

"You treat according to a calendar not because it's a sure thing."? Do you do so? How do you explain those who do treat and still come down w/ AFB? Are the rest of their hives unhealthy also, being in proximity of each other at one time or another?

"self certification"? Pretty much what we have in the East now anyway. NYS is required to inspect and certify the health of bees traveling to other States. They do that by inspecting 10% of what a beekeeper says he is transporting. If I look at only 10% of the colonies in an Apiary, what are the chances of finding a diseased colony? Pretty slim. How about 40 out of 400?

So, being as it is my livelihood, I burn any cases of AFB I find. I also challenge anyone to find any AFB in my outfit. I would appreciate and benefit from a thourough inspection. NYS can't afford to do it.