I sent an e-mail to the state bee inspector saying that if they would be in the area would they mind stopping by and checking out my hive to make sure I was doing everything properly and that my hive was clean of any issues.

It went good, the guy was very nice and informative, he taught me a few things and showed me a few things about my hive. everything is looking fine in the hive.

I am very happy with the way everything went. The only thing that I was a little concerned about was he asked my if I was planning on medicating. Personally, I am all down for organic, natural, let em bee, however if there is something that is wrong then I will treat them as necessary. I said I would only medicate if they need it. He told me that there was no doubt that they would need to be medicated for mites and I pretty much have no choice.

Is this true ???

What is the best brand of mite treatment. Maybe one with the least impact??? Organic???

Thanks guys.