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    Default Hive Inspection and questions

    Morning ya'll,

    I am a first year beek with one hive and thought I would go through it yesterday to see if there was any honey I could extract. I had peeked down through the combs last week and thought I had some. Here is what I saw and my concerns.

    I installed a 10 frame nuc with laying queen into one deep and one shallow. I have since added two mediums and I under-supered so the hive is the deep, a medium they are drawing comb on, a medium with drawn comb and capped honey and drone brood and at the top is the shallow with all frames drawn, capped honey and drone brood, inner cover, and outer cover.

    My concern is the amount of drone brood I am seeing. The upper shallow had drone brood on 8 out of 9 combs and it wasn't until I got into the deep that I saw any sealed brood at all. I went through those frames and found one whole frame of capped brood but had to quit the inspection early before I could check the last 4 frames. The bees had done a very through job of joining the deep frames together with comb and honey was dripping out and I was afraid of pulling a frame and hurting the queen. I did see two eggs laid in one cell in the top shallow.

    Could I have a laying worker or is the queen running from the deep to the top and laying or is her pheromone not reaching the top super? I put the shallow with the drone brood closest to the deep and the medium they are drawing comb on on top of it.

    I am using foundationless frames and no excluder since I read Michael Bush's website. He makes quite a bit of sense. Money is tight right now (isn't it for everybody ) so I really don't want to lose the hive but can't buy a queen. I am wanting to start a small business selling honey and nucs next year and this hive was going to be the mother of that . I now see the wisdom of two hives for a beginner as I could pull brood from one and put in the other but I was given all this equipment for free AND the bees were given to me as well.

    Thanks for your help and input. I appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Hive Inspection and questions

    Hey, if you see one or two cells with two eggs i wouldnt worry if you have a frame with double eggs that are on the side of the cell i'd be worried. starting a business is going to take inputs of both time and money jars, lids, stickers, uncapping tanks... with one hive your first year look at getting a second or third and learning all you can not just from reading what others do but in your bee yard in a couple years a small business will be easier. for now build a client base christmas presents with the little honey you will get your first year will be remembered.

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