Hello, this is my first post and I'm an inexperienced beekeeper.

About a month ago, I came across a massive bee swarm and safely transferred it into a hive. Pictures below. However I didn't ask myself what kind of honey bee I was dealing with, until now. These seem to be much more aggressive compared to European honey bees (which is to be expected) but they almost seem as aggressive as Africanized honey bees. Simply approaching the hive gets them all rattled up and ready to sting. I live in NY and I though Africanized honey bees were a thing of the south. Their abdomens are slightly darker than those of European honey bees, but I'm not sure if this characteristic alone is enough to identify these bees.

Moreover, I have two other hives, both containing docile Italian bees and I don't want these hives to get attacked by this new colony.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.
I'm having trouble posting more images, does this forum allow for multiple attachments?