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    Default Coated Corn Seed

    I am a first year bee keeper and second year gardener.
    A co-worker just gave me some corn seed.
    It is coated with a red substance, don't know what it is.
    I am kinda of leery of it after reading about pesticides and CCD.
    I don't wanna do something to hurt my bees.
    Should I just throw this corn away?

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    Default Re: Coated Corn Seed

    All my corn seed was red. I think it's a fungicide. I don't think it affects the corn that grows above the ground. Here's some info on it:
    Greg Whitehead, Ten Mile, TN
    Blog -

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    Default Re: Coated Corn Seed

    What Slow Modem said...

    Most farming related seeds and many garden seeds nowdays have this antifungal coating. I don't consider it a threat. Also, corn may be worked for pollen, but not for nectar.


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