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    Hi All-
    I have a new, small colony that was a swarm, with a queen that was taken out of a home.
    It is settling in (after swarming and then I re-introduced them to the hive), but truth be told, it is a pretty small group of girls.
    I worry that they will be compromised because of their size, but wonder about how I would put another swarm in with them.
    I have a friend who has a swarm, and ideally I would increase their numbers and size to make them heartier, but not sure how to do
    that without finding and eliminating a queen - something I am not crazy about doing.
    I tend to err on the side of letting things "bee", with my beekeeping practices - and wonder if letting them (the assumed multiple queens) fight it out would be an ok way to go. Or just crazy?
    Any thoughts?

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    Putting two swarms in the same box? Nothing I've ever heard of. Let this swarm grow. They won't get one whit bigger until the first crop of brood comes on-line no matter what their size is now.

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    Do what you like. I'd let them both grow on their own and see what happens. You may be surprised.
    Michael Bush "Everything works if you let it." 42y 40h 39yTF


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