after putting on several pollen traps, i thought i would share what i have seen and maybe get some feedback on it. installed on two seemingly strong hives one of which had swarmed may 1st ,this hive lost a lot of fresh comb in the move to my place and i think the felt crowded. anyways that hive produced good pollen everyday and the other just small amounts. for several weeks now that has totally switched and the one that gave has slowed to a trickle and the other is giving pollen like gangbusters. i am amazed that the pollen from two hive ten feet apart give totally different pollens, neat. some problems did occur with the drones it seems that they would no use the drone escapes as designed, on occasion i would visit the hives at the warmest part of the day and pull the pollen catchers and loads of drones would come marching out many just stumbled off the landing board buzzing loudly hit the ground and just keep marching. one day i did find a pile up of dead bees mostly drone 150 or so mostly drone. with screened bottoms on my warres i would get bees at times just clinging to the screened bottom and lost some on cool nights this spring. i would try to rescue them but could not check them every night. i figured they could smell and hear the hive bees but not get in and instead of goin back to the front they just hung there. i solved that by making a hole in each front corner of the bottom screen, one bee size, and have never had an issue since. i laid under the hives observing and the bees that use it as an entrance is minimal and as an exit minute. i don't see as many drones and i don't know if this is normal or bad. recently when i have pulled the pollen trap card out a few drones are getting the buts drug out of the hive and thrown off the landing board. when i first put these traps on i questioned my enthusiasm as i watched the field bees struggle to get in through those little asterisk type holes, now the bees leaving all are smaller and zip in and out without all the drama as before. these are small cell bees. comments, thoughts, and education welcome.