As beekeepers go, we are not large and run approximatley 300 hives. Unfortunately, we do not have a competent and ethical supplier nearby but this year I have had occasion to order from Kelley (, Dadant ( and Brushy Mountain ( All were able to quickly accomodate my order. This week's experience was typical. I called Dadant on Tuesday and ordered 50 lbs. of 8.5" crimped wire foundation with hooks, and a package of 200 Apiguard 25gram treatments. They said they would ship as soon as possible, but told me to expect to receive the material during the week of the 27th. I told them I had hoped to get the material before the holiday weekend, but knew they would do the best they could.

Everything arrived today; one day later! My orders from Kelley and Brushy Mountain we handled just as well. I suggest all those in the Northeast deal with these suppliers.

As some of you may know, we are also the manufacturers of Ross Round comb honey equipment and Sundance pollen traps, and we are fortunate to sell through all of the ethical and otherwise leading suppliers of beekeeping eq1uipment in the US; including these three firms.