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    I have a box, 3 deeps plus 4 shallow supers that is going very well. I have already robbed them of 4 shallow supers once and they are about 40% refiilled. I also split this hive in late March as the flow was just starting. When I opened them today, I found 3 uncapped swarm cells with larva in them. This was on the 1st deep frame that I pulled, so I feel sure there would have been others had I done a complete inspection. Since I am not looking to make any more honey on this box and want to limit their chances of swarming, would you suggest splitting the 3 deeps out and making 3 seperate boxes. If I do, I am thinking that 2 should get uncepped swarm cells and the other the original queen. Sound about right or do you think there is a batter way to go?

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    Sounds like you have a plan. Just go for it!

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    Check to make sure they are not supersedure cells first, but you don't have a bad plan as it is.

    Clover is in here, and I think that's about the end of the big spring flow, so it's a bit late for splits, although I may do one on my brother's big hive just because he wants more bees. That will be a cutdown, though, three frames of brood and two of stores, not a full split, we might get more honey.



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