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    Default Hive Opening Size-Reduce or Not

    !st year beekeeper and we installed our first package on April 21, so about a month ago.
    Since that time I've had the entrance to the hive reduced by using the entrance reducer
    and using the smallest opening....about an inch by an inch. Last week we put our 2nd hive body
    in place (we're using a 10 frame hive and about 80% of the frames were built out).....
    Today I noticed a huge amount of bees trying to get in and out of that small opening.... many more
    than what I've noticed in the past. My question is should I increase the size of the entrance opening....
    since I estimate at this point in time, maybe the hive population is increasing (maybe).....
    Thank you for the suggestions / help.

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    Default Re: Hive Opening Size-Reduce or Not

    my first hive too, sounds like you have new bees and your population will be expanding now. You can probably go to the middle 3 in. opening now, as you have enough bees to protect that size opening most likely. take that advise with a grain of salt as I am a newbee too. Mark

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    Default Re: Hive Opening Size-Reduce or Not

    Mike Forbes
    Red Dirt Apiaries

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    Default Re: Hive Opening Size-Reduce or Not

    This is how I have mine and the depth of my cuts are 3/8" so that nothing larger than 3/8" can get in. I leave both ends solid for about 1" and go to the middle and leave about 1" solid and cut out from the middle to both ends. They seem contend. I have 3 different entrance reducers with different opening spaces, they are so easy to make. I can switch one out in no time and right now have them almost wide open. My understanding at this time of the year is not likely a robbing time. But I see them every day. Normally in the morning and a couple of times during the day. The new hasn't warn off, as you can tell.

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    Default Re: Hive Opening Size-Reduce or Not

    I installed 20 packages on April 22 and they are so well populated, I just removed all the reducers about a week ago, and they are doing fine. I would do that.
    Benjamin Schneider, CEO of Prairie Wind Bee Supply - New & Improved Website!


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