Last time I was in the hive I did notice something that my sub conscious worked on over night, one of the combs seemed to be coming over the edge of the bar and the other side seemed tight. So I thought, hmm, maybe those last combs were honey comb, they had pollen arch in them so I ASSuMEd they were going to be brood, so went back into the back of the hive today and had a look at the last few combs. They have been busy and the last couple of large combs were too tight and things were starting to get off track, so I put spacers in around those bars & back. I mean, after removing the combs the bees got thicker on the comb and I could not close them, so I listened to the bees and gave them more room. i need more spacers so I had to move the false back up a bit to close it up proper, still plenty of room to grow. I have spacers in route, so when they arrive I can close up the whole hive properly.

The bees were none too happy, this time opening the hive at 45 DegF and windy, I had to let them settle down a bit while working with them. I was amazed the bees were flying and foraging at 45 DegF which is good because snow is on the way!