I went to do my inspection today. First one since I added a 2nd hive body on the 15th. I filled the 2nd hive body with alternating frames of foundationless and small cell foundation. The small cell foundation seems to have a weird pattern where the bees have drawn it. I dont know if I should trash this foundation and let them start over with a new sheet or what. Any opinions ? 2. On one frame, the bees are building comb from the bottom of the frame and the top, is this normal ? Im sure it must be ok, because its what they wanted to do.

On the positive side, I had multipe frames of foundationless frames started, bees festooning everywhere, I found the queen doing well, and watched 3 bees eat their way out of their cells. Cant imagine an inspection much more exciting than this. There's lots of pictures, so the page may take a minute to load, but the pics are great, my wife is a photographer. Hope you enjoy.

Small cell pattern weird.

Close up

Festooning Bees


Upside down comb

Foundationless about 3 weeks old

Emerging Bees