I agree that whether to treat or not is a personal decision and up to each of us to make. I can say that my own personal experience with DWV led me to become a "treater" (with MAQ's). I wanted to comment on three concerns you mentioned if you do decide to treat.

(1) Maq's will keep indefinitely in a freezer. Ten is a lot for a hobbiest beekeeper to buy and I put my excess in the freezer for next year.
(2) You will need to make a decision very soon as temperatures are approaching the upper limit which is 92 degrees F.
(3) I would treat both hives at once. I guess it is due to drifting but mites appear to move quickly from one hive to the other.

Oldtimer has written a lot of good information on DWV and "crawlers" on various threads on this site. I learned a lot from him and you may want to read some of his postings.

Best of luck to you.