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    Question Question on SHB yeast in honey

    Hi all,

    So if SHB larvae hatch and are out and about in the honey suppers before the frame is fully capped, will the yeast they leave behind cause the capped honey to ferment, or would (should) it be too low of moisture content? I am assuming that any honey that ferments before it's capped will simply not be capped by the bees. I know you have to get the supers off quick and get the honey out ASAP, but with a 48 hour hatch rate, there's going to be overlap between SHB's getting to the supers and when they come off for harvest, I don't see bees filling an entire frame and drying and capping it that fast! I am new to this and won't have honey this year, but want to have all the bases covered for when I do.



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    Default Re: Question on SHB yeast in honey

    I have had all my honey ferment. The worms will go right through the sides of the cells. I always freeze the frames I am going to harvest for about 72 hours and then keep it bagged or sealed tightly until I actually harvest so it does not get invaded. Good luck.


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