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    Default Anyway to rescind the chat room time limit

    I wasn't around for any of the problems in the past that have happened with the chat room I've only heard rumor of why there's a time limit on it and why it shuts down for the night. The chat room obviously doesn't require maintenance in the sense that a moderator needs to be there during chats and I think we can all agree the majority of people that go there are mature enough to keep the conversation civil and PC so how about we leave it open 24/7? If it's an issue of policing it bans can be made after the fact (I've had it happen) and worse case scenario it turns out people aren't grown up enough to control themselves and the time limit is reinstated. As it is now some of the best conversations I never get to have are in the beesource chatroom. Perhaps an IRC channel would be a better way to go? I would gladly set one up if people would be interested.
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