About 2 weeks ago, I found one of my father's old hives had a colony of bees to move in. The hive has been dormant since my father passed about two years ago. When I first went to inspect the hive i found it had one 6 inch super, a queen excluder and a deep hive body. Upon taken the top cover off I found the super with old, fully drawn out comb, but no honey or anything stored. I figured I needed to remove this old super, so today I went back and removed it. All that is left is the top cover, inner top cover and hive body with 10 frames. I have not been able to inspect the deep hives frames but it sounded like a pretty good many bees fanning the smoke. What do I need to do now? Do I need to replace the old deep frames with new ones or let them continue to use these old ones? I also noticed what look like small roaches running around. Is this a problem and if so, what do I need to do about them as well? Thanks to all for any help with my new endeavors. I am a first year bee keeper.