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    Default Shaking out the laying worker hive, do they sting?

    So I have decided to shake out the bees in my laying worker hive and hope they decide to go over to my new hive I started 12 days ago with a russian queen and 4lb package. when I checked that hive 2 days ago there were a few eggs and I found the queen. Good frame development, they started with ritecell in a deep super. So when I shake out the other hive, will they get pissed and try to sting me? And is there any risk to the new hive from the new influx of bees that have just been shaken out? The two hives are close together so I plan on moving the laying worker hive body about 10 feet away and shake the bees into a large sage bush in my yard. Also what time of day is best to do this? Also, since the other hive has drone brood, should I free the frames before putting it on top of the new hive? thx, Mark

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    Default Re: Shaking out the laying worker hive, do they sting?

    Bees don't like to be shaken off of frames and they do sting, but I do it all the time. I would not worry about it, I would shake them out and remove the laying worker hive all together and the bees you shake out will go into the queenright hive. As you shake them out keep walking, you will walk away from most of them.As far as time of day there will be less bees in the middle of the day. Shake every bee off . Wear a veil and gloves.


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