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    Default Swarm call and a cut out call in one day.

    Got a call about a swarm in Punsxutawney, PA (Yes, that Punsxy with the groundhog!). Went after work and got it hived and brought home.

    Also this afternoon, I got a call about doing a cutout. Bees have been in a shed for 10 - 15 years. Stucco on the outside, but plaster on the inside and supposedly, some of the plaster has holes in it that you can see the honey comb. Sounds like an easy enough job to remove the plaster - but we will see once I go onsite and visit.

    I've never done a cutout - and after seeing RickR's Saturday cutout with a huge colony - I wonder if I'm not getting into the same kind of thing!

    I do have a homemade bee vac that I haven't tried out yet.

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    Default Re: Swarm call and a cut out call in one day.

    i did 2 cut out and a swarm all in one day. when i did get home i had 3 more cut out calls.


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