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    Default Bearding on Entrance.

    I was reading on here a couple weeks ago about bearding on the front entrance at night. I went out last night and seen them bearding the entrance to the point you couldn't even see the entrance. I took my wife out there and she was amazed at what they were doing. She thought maybe they were trying to keep out bugs they didnt want in the hive. Even the nuc I made was bearding the entrance to the point you could not see the entrance. These amazing little girls are always amazing me from day to day. I cant stay away from them. I stand out there all the time watching them only inches away from the entrance watching them clean the entrance and flying in with pollen sacs full. She is always telling people that she cant believe I stand there so close and not even getting bothered. They do hit me every now and then it the back of the head but never do anything else. I am starting to not even smoke them now. So much fun, so much to learn. I am just a lonely crane operator with amazing girls.

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    Default Re: Bearding on Entrance.

    Bees are a blast, I wish I'd started years ago.

    Bearding this early may mean that you need more ventilation in your hives. Don't know what your configuration is, but if you have screen bottom boards, it's time to pull the sticky board at least part way out. If you have solid bottom boards, a couple popsicle sticks under the top cover will increase the bees ability to move air through the hive.

    Might also check to make sure you have enough room inside, it can get crowded and that's not always a good thing.

    If everything else is OK, bearding is normal behavior in hot weather, they may even stay out all night in the summer.



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