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    Default New hive questions/concerns

    Hello everybody I have had my hive for about two weeks now and today I did a full blown inspectionand came out with more questions than answers. First off I have a ten frame deep and a ten frame medium stacked in the deep there is capped brood, larvae, eggs, honey and necter. In the medium there is just some uncapped honey. The medium was undrawn wax foundation and they seem to be very slowly working it. My first question is when I was in the hive I noticed a lot of flies around me and the hive is this bad or not a concern I also noticed a few very small bugs smaller than a pin head some black and one red all now dead any ideas on what they may be? Also I plan on adding another deep box for brood and using mediums as honey supers when I get my deep frames ready I know I should put some from the existing box with brood in the new would it be a good idea to try and catch a frame with the queen on it and move that up to the new box or just grab 2-3 frames and put in the new box? Lastly I have a bird bath as a water source in my yard it is about 60ft away from the hive is that to far should I move it closer or leave it? Thank you so much for your help.

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    Default Re: New hive questions/concerns

    Slow down on adding suppers!! I would check for mites. The bird bath is close enough. Wait to add any frames, or suppers until the ones you have on are 80% filled.
    Give us an update after another week.


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