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    Thank you for approving my account. I am new to beekeeping, and would like to be a beekeeper in the future. I currently live in an apartment and the space is limited where I can set up my yard at.

    I am in the house hunting process and as soon as we get one, and get settled I would love to start my yard. I wish I was able to do this with my wife, but she cant be stung due to alergies, so I will attempt to do this with my 3 girls and see if we can have some good family time working on the hives and such.

    I have had an interest in bees when I was a kid. My friends dad had a few hives and would harvest the honey on his porch and I remember walking in the front door and getting hit with the sweet smell of honey. He also had an indoor observer in the den that I would stand in front of for hours looking for the queen and just watching the work going on inside the hive.

    Recently we had a swarm outside my office here and when I left to go to my meeting it was small and by the time I came back the swarm was gone, and I missed the whole thing.

    I am a sponge right now, just absorbing all the information that I can take in to be prepared for when I am able to get my own set up running.

    I am looking forward to learning from this site and hopefully in the future be able to help someone that is coming in behind me with any problems they have run into.

    Thank you again for having me,

    Carrollton VA

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome Steve! It would be worth looking into desensitization to keep your wife alive should a wasp, hornet, yellowjacket or anything else sting her leading to anaphylactic shock. It only takes 6 minutes to die and most ambulances are not that close.

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    Hi Steve:

    I'm in Norfolk. One thing you might want to check out are the local beek clubs. TBA and the SE VA Beekeepers guild are on ther southside and Colonial Beekeepers on the peninsula. I'm in the guild and they are really great.

    Take care, TEC


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