So i caught 4 swarms this mounth on the 1st the seconed and mothers day and the 15th but the strange thing is they all where like 25 yards from my 300 sq ft bee yard. now i've been waiting for these 3 queens to come i have orderd to come to make splits out of the 3 hives i got throught winter and had been checked on them once a week starting in early april and thing looked normal on 4/26 one of my hive had no brood so i gave them a frame from another hive and they made 3 queen cells and when i checked to day 1 hatched i think there was hole in bottom of 1 cell but no eggs in the hive any where.
So i checked the other 2 hives and the same thing no brood and old queen cells here and there i opend one that was not riped open and there was a queen.
Again no brood and lots of honey missing so i'm guessing my apiry i named swarm hill is my lack SPM i sure did fail but swarm catching sure is fun.
Any way what should i do wait and see if a queen will start laying in around a month {virgin i'm quessing} and if not. look for a queen and if so will she be normal size? being young and all pinch her and requeen with whats coming? The swarm i got on the first is building real fast 3 frames of young brood and drawing out fast so theres a queen the one i' got on the 2nd i'm waiting for the second bood box the dry just painted it i'm making boxes as i need them.
I went from 3 hive to 10 hives in 3 weeks didn't think about swarms.
So i quess i should wait a little bit and see what the 3 hive do that swarmed see if i have laying queens or not ?
What do you all think?
Crazy hobby for sure.
I have 3 new nucs i got on the 24th so things are busy in the apiry.