In an attempt to prevent a swarm, I added queen excluder above 3 medium brood boxes and blocked the front entrance with a piece of queen excluder. I've added honey super with upper entrance above queen excluder. Objective to prevent the queen from leaving. Here's what happened so far. Yesterday I discovered a large swarm on a fence post. I soon discovered it came from this type of hive. Within a half hour, the bees all returned to the front of the hive and another half hour found them all back inside. Success (sort of). Today they did the same thing, although they never really lighted/landed on anything. Just a huge cloud of bees that soon returned to the hive.
Obviously, I have kept the queen imprisoned. However, now what? Will they continue this exercise? I can't believe the workers are working very hard if they keep attempting to swarm.
I have blocked in 3 additional hives and split all my others. Is this a waste of time or not? Anyone had experience with this?