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    Exclamation My boy got stung - went to ER

    My boy got stung

    Yesterday early evening one of my girls flew into my 15 year old boy's curly head of hair. He came over holding his head yelping for help. I couldn't see the thing and just tried brushing his curls with my hand to flush her out. No luck, she stung him. This wasn't his first time. One time years ago he was nailed on a fleshy area next to his eye, which swelled more than expected.

    That ruined his fun and he went inside to put ice on it. He reasured me it wasn't my fault, but it was hurting. And hurting. And instead of settling down, he expressed increasing discomfort and downright howled.

    I gave him an antihistamine and ibuprofen, applied topical pain releiver and tapped here and the rest of the internet for more guidance while he continued to howl. The posts along the lines of "get over it" didn't help much. I tried some topical hydrocordizone, but that didn't help either.

    As I waited for the stuff to kick in and continued searching, he came downstairs complaining his palm was itching. That's when I noticed hives on his cheek. He's not a "woos", I prefer to error on the side of caution and felt dumbfounded as I took him to the emergency room for a bee sting.

    As we drove the two miles to the hospital, his face blew up like a scene from a creature feature flick. As we entered the emergency room it occurred to me I didn't have a camera for what I didn't believe could happen. The reaction raced down his torso and arms within minutes.

    They took him right in, hooked him up to a drip, attached the monitor, pushed in a steriod and followed with benedril. Then he told the nurse his throat felt scratchy. She fetched the doctor for an Epinephrine injection. Before she returned with the needle, my son complained about difficulty breathing.

    Then things started calming down. And we waited. And his color improved. And the hives backed down. And we waited. And he dropped off to sleep from the benedril push. And the scene from the creature feature flick played in reverse.

    Two hours later I paid the $120 ER co-pay and we left for the phamacy. There we picked up generic benedril, an EpiPen kit, a prescription antihistamine and a prescription steriod for another $50 bucks in co-pays. The pharmacist dismissed my delusion this was a freak occurance with "Next time it could be worse." My wife has an EpiPen packed for the school nurse.

    So today I'm getting adding a couple sheets of lattice to the current barrier to better enclose my colonies. After that, I'll need to reconsider this diversion with respect to my boy and our neighbors.
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