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    Default Forest Hill Woodworking

    Just wanted to say a good word about Forest Hill Woddworking in Paradise Lacaster PA. I have used woodenware from all the major suppliers and Ike's work is far better than anyone others I have tried. His prices are great and I have never had a problem getting what I needed. He is amish so I don't think you will find a website but I am sure you can call and he will ship, I have seen his ads in the major be magazines. You can google Forest Hill Woodwrking to get the number. I am local so I can pick up so I can not speak for ship and how thsat works but the quality can not be beat. Just wanted to add some positive reviews to the forum.

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    Here is contact info and a product listing:

    Note that is owned by a kitchen remodeling company and does not offer hive woodenware.
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    I like Ike also.
    We purchased our first hives from him.
    He is pleasant to deal with and has some nice products.
    Its about a 50 minute drive for us but worth it.

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    Forest Hill now has an Online store ...

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