These are images of a hive I cut out of a bee tree.. First thing I done was cut the log that contained the bees, screened the entrance and brought it home. I stood it up and left it for a few days until the weather was perfect.

when I was ready to start, I took a chainsaw and cut the top off trying to get as close to the top of the hive as possible... but I missed a little and split the hive some.

Here is the top part turned upside down and all the comb removed...

After removing all the comb from the lower part and placing the brood in frames, I made a base for my boxes to sit on the top of the log.. Just a simple piece of 1/4 inch plywood with a hole cut in the middle..

I then placed the boxes on it and began smoking the remaining bees up into the box.. Then left the boxes on the top for the returning field bees to return to the hive.. I left the comb I didn't plan to harvest honey or tie into frames out for the bees to clean up before I melt them down..

This was the easiest cut out I ever done!! about 2 1/2 hours total. After the first 30 minutes, I was in a t-shirt, no veil, and 0 stings.. Wish all bees were this gentle!!

Hope you enjoy the pics, and any input would be great.. I have another one that I plan on starting this weekend in this tree!!