Hey all, never posted here,,, because i didn't expect i'd need to 3 weeks into my beekeeping venture, but now i need some advice. I work for the cable company, and came across a beehive in one of our cable pedastals. It seems like it would be an extremely simple job to get them out, but my problem is i don't have any foundationless frames to rubberband them into. I hadn't expected to need to do this, so when i ordered all my equipment, i just got mannlake pfs. So was just wondering if any of you had advice on what to do. I was kinda thinking maybe just cutting some top bars, and rubberbanding them to top bars, but don't know if that would work. I also considered just making some quick 1/4 inch "frames" basically by just ripping wood to 1/4 and making a rectangle with ears (if that make sense). Or my 3rd option would be, just let it go to someone else who has the equip for it.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.