If someone has some experience with planting and maintaining sweet clover( yellow or white, but not hubam) I would appreciate it if you could help me with some questions.
I know sweet clover is a bi-annual, but how early does it have to be planted in order to bloom the following year?
Will it keep coming back year after year and blooming? I don't mind sacrificing one year to get it established, but I would hate for the field to have nothing blooming in it every other year.
What do you do to maintain the field? I don't mind spraying to keep competition down.

I have some experience with white dutch clover and with crimson, but not much with sweet clover. I am doing an experiment with hubam this year because I like the idea of it being an annual. I've been a little dissappointed with it's growth but maybe I'm just impatient, or maybe it just needs more rain, as we have had a dry spring. Either way it is going to have to grow quick over the next couple of months to do what it is supposed to do.