I agree with the "beekeeping is local" statements. Here in the hot and humid south I think the sbb is good for the bees. As for taking too much control away from the bees in regards to evaporating nectar down to honey...Thursday I helped my mentor pull honey off of two of his hives...120# off of one hive and 80# off of another one...both hives were double deeps and we left one super on each that wasn't quiet capped off as well as he wanted it to be. We've had a very nice, moist (for a change) spring this year...not an overly dry period of time that might have helped with evaporation. The sbb did not seem to hamper the bees. And, the honey we extracted seemed to have a good moisture %...

My mentor has no problem with mites. His only treatment is powdered sugar dusting.

Just a newbee's comments here...carry on.