I washed my hands with Russell apiaries last year after I recievedmy order. The quality of their queens is poor from my experience 4 died within a month of getting them and the other 2 one died over the winter and only 1 survived a non weather winter. My other bees might be a little grumpy but I will say this for the girls they produced 275lbs of honey last year and his sunkist queen produced 55lbs of honey. I requeened all my hives with a quality bee of my own. OH I sent e-mails called them and even talked to them on yahoo. They never returned any of my messages and blew me off. Poor customer svc and there is always something wrong weather Etc. Moonbeam strain my bees are out in the sun at daybreak and comeing home at dark I have even been stung when it was dark from a returning bee. Just a fancy name nothing more. I might send him a real queen bee that actually does all the things he says about his. 2 hive bodies on all my hives and 2 supers full of honey. If they ignor enough people maybe folks will start doing the same to them. There are to many reputable queen breeders with I am sure better quality queens. His queens look good on paper I have seen nothing from them that I would call quality. The only surviving queen nothing special and I have givin her the benefit of the dought. I will send her back to him rather than kill her. Send him some toilet paper to go with all that ---- they are shoveling.